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There are different ways to become a GIFT Diet Certified Practitioner, or a Signal Medicine Certified Doctor. All, however, start with a single course which lays the foundational knowledge necessary to fully understand GIFT Diet, Signal Medicine and their application in clinical practice: the GIFT Diet Course – Foundation.

GIFT Diet Course – Foundation

It is an online Course in 10 lessons which will help you learn the method and deepen the basic concepts to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. By retracing the salient stages of our nutritional origins, from evolutionary roots to the life of the modern man, by learning more about the functions and mechanisms of our body up to the psychological implications of eating healthily.
You will find in-depth explanations and means to verify if you managed to grasp all the main concepts. After each lesson there is a verification test (which will be returned with proper feedback), which gives you access to the next lesson. You may also find suggestions for practical exercises, recipes and menus related to the topic.
Completion of the Course cannot take longer than a year, but there is no fixed time limit to complete portions of the course. So, if you happen to be busier for a few weeks, you’re free to focus on the Course when it best fits your schedule.
When you’ve completed the Course, a certification of completion in PDF format will be sent to you.

Price: 150€ + VAT for the whole course

Our first lesson can be downloaded for free in PDF format. Download our first lesson here.

How to Sign Up

Signing up is easy, you simply have to send us an email (we speak English and Italian) at this email address. We’ll be happy to assist you.