Dr. Luca Speciani, MD – Curriculum Vitae


MD, MS in Nutrition and Dietetics. Founder of Signal Medicine and GIFT Diet, President of AMPAS, Coordinator of the Network of GIFT Professionals.
Author and co-author of numerous books on the impact of nutrition, sport, and lifestyle on health. Journalist focused on health and sport. Physician responsible for the Italian National Ultramarathon teams, Licensed Athletic Trainer, Marathon and Triathlon enthusiast.

Work experience

Physician, Studio Medico Speciani; Vimercate, Italy — 2011—Present

Outpatient setting. Dr. Speciani and his colleagues, providing the best evidence-based care, put a strong emphasis on the impact of lifestyle change in terms of nutrition, physical activity and psychology and their respective ability to improve outcomes. A long first interview with each patient, regardless of their condition, raises compliance.

President of AMPAS; Milan, Italy — 2011—Present

AMPAS (in English: Association of Physicians for Signal Nutrition) is an organization with more than 300 members, all doctors from different specialties whose aim is to promote Signal Medicine, an evidence-based model of health based on the regulation of endocrinological axes through nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle changes. The Association helps the development of Signal Medicine and organizes CME courses aimed for physicians.

Coordinator, Network of GIFT Professionals; Milan, Italy — 2005—Present

GIFT Diet is the branch of Signal Medicine that focuses on nutrition. Both physicians and providers, such as dietitians, may help patients understand and apply its rules. The Network of GIFT Professionals brings together more than 200 professionals from different backgrounds, helping the development of collaborations and project between members.
Dr. Speciani is the coordinator and provides CME courses, training and evaluations aimed for professionals who wish to be involved in the project.

Physician, National UltraMarathon teams; Italy — 2011—Present

Having assisted the Italian UltraMarathon teams since 2008 as a Nutritional Consultant, in 2011 Dr. Speciani became the physician in charge for the nutrition plans of the team.

Nutritional Consultant, National Ultramarathon teams; Italy — 2008—2011

Helping the Italian Ultramarathon teams to understand the importance of specific rules in nutrition and how to proficiently use nutrition as a mean to improve performance, as a consultant.

Nutritional Consultant, Servizi Medici Associati; Milan, Italy — 2003—2010

He worked as a nutritional consultant in an outpatient setting with an immunologist. As an athlete himself, he also helped athletes to develop training plans and to understand how nutrition could impact and improve their performance.

Consultant Agronomist, Vivaio Clorofilla; Peschiera Borromeo (MI), Italy — 1993—2003

Cultivating antique varieties of plants resistant to illnesses. He also focused on phytotherapy, on the health effects of additives and preservatives, and on animal nutrition.

Salesperson and Manager, IBM companies; Italy — 1986—1992

Experience in informatics. As a salesperson and then a manager in companies related to IBM.


Università Politecnica delle Marche; Ancona, Italy — MS, 2011—2013
2nd Level Master’s Degree, Nutrition and Dietetics

University of Milan, Milan, Italy — Internship, 2010—2011
Full License to Practice Medicine

University of Milan; Milan, Italy — MD, 2004—2010
6-year MD Program, Sacco Hospital, Milan, Italy

University of Milan; Milan, Italy — BS, MS, 1981—1985
Bachelor of Science and Master of Science, Agronomy

Teaching experience

Dr. Speciani held lessons in Italian universities. In 2011 in the University of Milan in an elective course for the MD program focused on Sport Biochemistry, in 2012 in an advanced course focused on evidence-based therapeutic use of integrators, and in 2013 in the University of Rome – La Sapienza in a Master’s course focused on Nutrition and Metabolism. He currently teaches CME courses aimed for physicians and health professionals, focused on Sport Medicine and Nutrition.


Dr. Speciani spoke at more than a hundred conferences, the majority of which in Europe and some in the USA. Here are some of the most important international ones.
Obesity Congress Praga (2008) — International Eurodream Congress (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013). New York City Pre-Marathon Conference (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012) — Pre-Marathon Conference Praga (2009, 2010).

Books and Publications

Dr. Speciani wrote more than 30 books focusing on Sport, Nutrition, Health, Illnesses and how they influence each other, some to help professionals understand the basics of nutrition and how to use it to treat illnesses, some to help patients to develop their own nutritional schedule. He also wrote books about the interaction between food and mood, and as lifestyle change as a treatment for depression.

As an athlete

Dr. Speciani has been an athlete since he was very young. As a teen he ran the 3000-meter steeplechase in 9’1’’ and the 10,000-meter run in 30’37’’. He is also a Marathon enthusiast, with his best times in 1982 in 2 hours and 33 minutes, and in 2005 in 2 hours and 35 minutes. He ran New York City Marathon ten times from 2003 to 2012.