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Welcome! This website is the home of Signal Medicine, a paradigm of Science, Medicine and Nutrition born in Italy from Dr. Luca Speciani, MD nearly a decade ago. Signal Medicine focuses on the physiological mechanisms (the biological Signal) that our body uses to regulate its homeostatic balance, and aims to take care of the whole individual, understanding the complex relationships between the mind, the body, and illnesses.
In particular, the Signal is how we call all the information that our body transmits from within and receives from the rest of the world, our own unique equilibrium in the form of hormones, nervous system synapsis, the immune system, the multiple effects of microbiota and so on. The understanding of the entangled balance between all these systems provides means to clinicians to treat illnesses from an entirely different point of view. Signal Medicine, in clinical practice, aims to stimulate positive signal behaviors, and to avoid negative signal behaviors.
Positive signal behaviors such as practicing regular physical activity, giving patients means to understand how to eat healthily, when pharmaceutical drugs are actually needed, and how to listen and respect their body.
Negative signal behaviors such as a sedentary lifestyle, inappropriate use of pharmaceuticals, and chronic inflammation should be avoided.
In short, Signal Medicine aims to rekindle the patient’s own body’s capability to heal itself.
Signal Medicine aims to be a different interpretation of scientific data, understood in the light of the Signal paradigm. Thus, Signal Medicine’s strong foundation is Evidence-Based Medicine, and all indications must be supported by scientific evidence.

Our history

Dr. Speciani aimed to integrate the knowledge of Agronomics and Nature, Medicine and Clinical Nutrition through Evidence-Based principles. The years-long focus led to novel interpretations of certain symptoms and a deeper understanding of all the available options to treat illnesses. Thus, Signal Medicine was born.

In the first few years, the popularity of Signal Medicine and its first implementation in practice, GIFT Diet, has grown steadily in Italy. More and more health care providers wanted to learn about it, and to help them better understand how to apply these principles in clinical practice we made specific courses to give them the proper means to do it. Many providers shared their clinical experience and focused on different applications of principles in their practice, effectively shaping Signal Medicine as it is today. So, due to interviews in the media, scientific conventions, shared efforts to further investigate scientific literature, and the growing clinical experience with patients, Signal Medicine and GIFT Diet drew more attention and became a tool for clinicians to further help and treat their patients in their practice every day.

Our vision

While Signal Medicine and GIFT Diet were becoming more and more popular in Italy, the demand for training opportunities from health care providers from countries other than Italy was growing.

What if we worked together with medical doctors and health care providers from all over the world to bring the principles of Signal Medicine and GIFT Diet in other countries? What if we gave them the means to be updated on Signal Medicine’s advancements, to be trained and to apply this knowledge in their clinical practice? Thus, Signal Medicine Academy was born.

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  • Pathway for Health Care Providers

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